Breakthrough in the Field of Insulin-like Peptides


Relaxin, a naturally occurring peptide hormone, has a vast array of responsibilities inside the human body.  Although the interest in Relaxins has grown with the many opportunities for their therapeutic use, the field has been held back by the limited availability, cost and un-standardized quality of recombinant Relaxins.


Based on breakthroughs in random folding technology in the laboratories at the University of Patras and CBL, (Barlos et al, Greek Patent application numbers, 2008 8010815, 2009 90100310, 2009 0100545) synthetic Relaxins and chimeric Relaxins are now readily available. CBL’s production capacity and high GMP standards ensure the continuous supply of Relaxins for laboratory research, clinical trials and successful launch to market. Synthetic Relaxins are well defined chemical entities and do not suffer from uncertainties related to the difficult maintenance of a delicate biological process that are experienced in recombinantly produced Relaxins.


All of our Relaxins are available in the gram to kilogram scale.




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