1. Quotations and Contracts
    1. Quotations are conditional and subject to change unless  specifically expressed as binding and containing a specific period for customer acceptance.
    2. Unless otherwise indicated or by mutual agreement a quotation is valid for 60 days from receipt by the customer.
  2.  Purchase commitment, delivery times and partial shipments
    1.  Shipping of the product(s) shall either be ex works from CBL Patras, Patras, Greece or CBL Biopharma, Boulder, CO. unless otherwise specified in writing.  Any shipment of contractual goods shall take place at the customer’s risk the moment these products leave either the plant in Patras Greece or Boulder, CO.
    2. CBL is entitled to deliver partial shipments if
      1. The partial shipment can be used by the customer for the contractually specified purpose and
      2. The delivery of the remaining materials is assured.
    3. CBL may increase/reduce material shipments by +/- 10% of the agreed amount in the contract.  The customer agrees to accept materials that are within these tolerance amounts.
  3. Purchase of Product
    1.  Payment Terms
      1. All invoices are based on the amount of material delivered and any specifically contracted research and development work.
      2. Invoiced amounts are payable by the customer within 30 days of the invoice.
      3. If a customer fails to settle a due invoice, CBL shall be entitled to a rebilling fee of $35 USD and to bill for interest on amounts due at a rate of 4 percentage points above the prevailing base rate as published in the Wall Street Journal.
      4. Testing: Replacement. Promptly following receipt of the Products in any shipment, the customer is responsible to check the compliance of such materials to the agreed upon specifications.  If the customer deems that any Products fail to conform to the specifications then the customer shall notify CBL in writing within (30) days from receiving such products.
      5. Disputed claims.  If CBL does not agree with the  customers complaint, then CBL shall notify the customer within (30) days of the receipt of notice of nonconformity to the specifications. If CBL does not agree with the customers complaint then CBL shall notify the customer of such disagreement in writing.  If the parties cannot resolve such disagreement within (30) days then the matter shall be submitted to an independent laboratory to resolve the discrepancy in the analysis.
      6. Nonconforming Batch If CBL agrees with the customers complaint under section 3ii or if the independent laboratory determines the  product fails to conform to specifications, then CBL shall replace any such product with an equal quantity of Product complying with the specifications at no cost to the customer.
  4.  Change Management
    1. Required Specification changes.  With respect to changes to the Specifications required by a regulatory body or by medical or scientific concerns, the parties shall cooperate in making such changes promptly to the manufacturing process.  The cost for making the changes required by the customer shall be borne by the customer.
    2. Discretionary Manufacturing Changes.  With respect to changes to the Specifications or the manufacturing process which are not “required” the parties shall cooperate in making such changes and the Part initiating such changes(s) shall bear all the costs associated in making such changes.



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