Peptides & Proteins

CBL Patras is pleased to introduce the first selected products in a series of enzymes & proteins. View a selection of CBL’s peptides and proteins, including Relaxin-1 and Relaxin-2.

Custom Peptide Intermediates and API

As a result of CBL’s extensive experience in large scale solid phase peptide synthesis, peptides, both GMP and non-GMP, are offered up to the multi kilogram range at a highly competitive cost. Learn more about ways in which CBL provides cost-savings to customers.

CBL’s most recent production of high-quality, complex peptides is synthetic Relaxin-1 and Relaxin-2. CBL’s synthetic Relaxin-1 and Relaxin-2 have been produced with quality matching “gold standard” recombinant Relaxin 2. Relaxin-1 and Relaxin-2 are offered well-below industry price due to CBL technology used in its synthesis.

CBL experts will perform a feasibility study on the synthesis of your protein or peptide of interest to guarantee a maximum of cost efficiency and synthesis success. Contact us for a quote.

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